We demand that local laws are properly enforced to return the Banassou valley (near Sauve, in Gard, France) to its former natural, peaceful state.

domaine de sebens 2002. 2009

2002 – 2009 : Unauthorized motor sport circuit has grownin a protected agricultural zone.

We call for: 

  1. Due respect for the SSFFI (Site of Special Scientific Flora and Fauna Interest), given the huge increase in pollution levels, the destruction of natural habitats, and creation of a new ‘lake’, all undertaken without proper control. (find out more)
  1. the proper application of the P.L.U. (local planning regulations) which prohibits “the establishment and practice of motor sports… or quarrying…”. Currently, the motor sports and quarrying taking place are unauthorised. (find out more)
  1. economic activities that conform to the local policy encouraging green tourism. There are frequent periods of disturbances without prior notification, destroying the natural beauty of the valley and discouraging visitors and tourism. (find out more)
  1. free access to all public tracks and footpaths that cross the land owned by Domaine de Sebens, despite these having been compromised by the proximity of rally tracks, which run very close alongside. This gives rise to noise pollution, blinding dust clouds, and stones thrown up by the tyres, putting walkers, cyclists and horse riders at risk. (find out more)
  1. sporting activities which respect french regulations and laws, and promote development of skills and public participation, rather than exclusive, private sessions of non-authorised activities. (find out more) banniere blog Manifest

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Soutenez notre action en signant le manifeste

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